i love what i do.


 My fascination with design and craft started at age 7 in my grandfathers wood shop, and since I have worked to become a craftsman versed in wood, steel, concrete, plants, stone, and space. After studying landscape at Texas A&M I spent two years in Italy studying gardens, furniture, design, stone carving, drawing, and cooking. I believe beautiful materials, pride in craftsmanship, bold choices and respect for my clients' history and intentions creates the most beautiful, functional designs.


Beautiful Thoughtful Designs

Creating appropriate spaces for our clients' needs and daily lives requires listening and creativity. Some things we do you might not expect to make concepts become spaces: 


  • Consultation, conception, design and drafting

  • Execution and construction

  • Furniture design 

  • Welding, brick laying, masonry

Maintain Spaces

Protecting and maintaining investments and spaces matter. The last step is a continuous communication about how to keep these intentions living as a part of your home.

How we maintain beautiful spaces

  • Continuous check-ins for gardens and yard spaces.

  • Targeted clean ups and improvements 

  • On-call project manager for client questions 

  • Irrigation system maps and zoning maps with explainations

The Team


Luckily I know skilled people that also love to do what I do. For more about their skills and work clink their CV below. 

  • Matt Saner, project manager, design consultant, draftsman

  • Erica Wilkins, office manager, brand manager, photographer