Festiva wrap up & thanks


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate our new terra cotta shipment from Impruneta, Italy. We loved meeting so many new friends and drinking Prosecco with our clients under the Sprout yurt. For more information about the history and making of our pots be sure to check out www.sproutaustinevents.com

We wanted to send a special thanks to everyone who worked to help us pull this off. Jasmine Johnson did the beautiful logo work on the containers, and created the yurt's terra cotta painting. You can find more info about her work here.  Our coasters were etched by Kati Prather at Perfect Etch, and were so popular some of you begged to take them home. Luckily begging works on us (as does flattery). 

Our Italian breads and spreads were made by Sharon Bright. Thank you again for coming out. We will keep you posted for future opportunities for viewings and parties.